Gerber Silver Trident Sheath Knife

Gerber Silver Trident KnifeThe Gerber 06995 Silver Trident Sheath Knife Double Serration Edge has a daggerlike blade made of 154 stainless steel with a hardness rating of HRC 59-61.

The handle of the Gerber Silver Trident is made out of a material called Hytrel.  This material is resistant to heat, ultraviolet light, and corrosion.

The Gerber Silver Trident comes with a ballistic nylon sheath so you can strap the knife anywhere on your body so that it’s always there when you need it. has the best prices on most all tactical knives including the Gerber Silver Trident Sheath Knife. Click here to check it out. Since quality tactical flashlight prices are over $25 you can get it shipped right to your front door for free with Amazon’s super saver shipping program. This will save you money and also a trip to the store.

Product Features and Specifications

Gerber Single-Serration Silver Trident Knife

The Gerber Silver Trident Is Also Available As A "Single-Serration" Blade

  • Blade Length: 6.18 inches
  • Overall Length: 11.22 inches
  • Weight: 17.4 oz.
  • Blade Material: 154CM
  • Handle Material: Hytrel
  • Double Serration
  • Hytrel handle
  • Heat treated 154CM stainless steel blade
  • Ballistic nylon sheath included

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The Reviews

When conducting our research into the Gerber 06995 Silver Trident Sheath Knife Double Serration Edge we did not find as many reviews as we did for a lot of other products, but the reviews that we did find were quite good.  All of the reviewers seemed genuinely impressed with the quality of the materials used to manufacture this knife.  The knife is made of 154CM, a high quality stainless steel.  It is incredibly sharp and holds an edge very well.

One of the reviews we found online comes from someone that does a lot of training with knives for law enforcement and military personnel.  He said that when he got his hands on this knife he was blown away.  He says that the knife has Gerber Silver Trident Knife With Sheath and boxgreat balance and comfort and the handle “conformed to his hand instantly”.

He says that the blade holds a great edge and is very durable, remaining sharp after many test cuts.  He also liked the striker pommel that can be used as a makeshift hammer for breaking glass or driving a stake into the ground.

Another reviewer put this knife to test outdoors and he said that cutting bark off of a tree was like cutting warm butter, it took very little force to make the cuts.  This reviewer agreed that the knife is extremely well-balanced and he liked the saw like blade on the back of the knife.  He used it to cut numerous branches off the tree and they came down very easily.

While there were only a handful of reviews online for the Gerber 06995 Silver Trident Sheath Knife Double Serration Edge all of the reviewers had high praise for this knife and we feel confident giving the Gerber Silver Trident our recommendation.

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